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At Crossed Arrow Earthworks, we understand the critical foundation that expert site preparation lays for any successful building project. As a proud veteran-owned and locally operated land management company in Middle Tennessee, we bring unparalleled dedication and precision to every job, from small residential sites to midsize developments. Our comprehensive suite of services—encompassing clearing, grading, contouring, and gravel solutions—is tailored to transform your land into a ready-to-build state, ensuring a smooth transition to construction. Leveraging our low overhead, we’re committed to delivering exceptional quality within your budget, making us a trusted partner in your land development journey.

Choosing Crossed Arrow means opting for a partner who sees beyond the land. We understand the dreams that our clients have for their properties, and we’re here to make those dreams a reality. Unlike our competitors, we agitate the hidden problems that can arise without proper site preparation and create a sense of need for our meticulous approach to land management. Our services, including bush hogging, brush clearing, storm damage cleanup, land leveling, and driveway installation, are designed not just to prepare your site but to enhance the value and potential of your property. With Crossed Arrow, you’re not just hiring a contractor; you’re partnering with a team that’s as invested in your project’s success as you are.

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Remove obstacles and clear the path for development with our expert bush hogging, brush clearing, and more. Start your project with a clean slate by contacting us now.


Achieve optimal leveling and stability for your construction projects with our precise grading services. Lay the groundwork for success; get in touch today.


Safeguard your land against erosion while enhancing its natural beauty through our specialized contouring techniques. Secure and beautify your property by reaching out to us.


Establish solid, long-lasting driveways and pads with our comprehensive gravel solutions. Solidify your path forward; connect with us for gravel solutions.


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What is land grading and clearing?

Land grading and clearing are essential steps in land management that prepare your property for various uses, from construction to landscaping.

Land Clearing involves removing trees, bushes, debris, and other obstacles from an area to create a clean slate. This process can include bush hogging, brush clearing, and the removal of any unwanted natural or man-made materials that impede development or use of the land.

Land Grading is the process of leveling or shaping the land to ensure proper drainage and stability. It involves adjusting the slope and elevation of the soil, creating a smooth, leveled surface that’s ideal for construction projects, landscaping, and other land development activities. Grading is crucial for preventing water accumulation and erosion, ensuring the longevity and safety of your property and structures.

Together, these services lay the groundwork for a successful project, transforming your land into a functional and enjoyable space.

The cost of land clearing and grading varies widely, depending on several key factors including the size of the area, the terrain’s complexity, the density of vegetation, and the specific requirements of your project. At Crossed Arrow Earthworks, we understand the importance of budget-conscious solutions for your land management needs. That’s why we approach each project with a commitment to affordability, ensuring we provide high-quality services that align with your budget. To accurately assess the cost and scope of your project, we offer personalized quotes that consider all these variables. This ensures you receive a tailored, cost-effective solution designed to meet your unique requirements. We strive to keep our services affordable without compromising on the quality or precision our clients have come to expect from us. For a detailed estimate tailored to your specific land clearing and grading needs, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.

Yes, land clearing, contouring, and grading services are typically essential steps prior to constructing a home. These processes prepare the land for construction by ensuring it is free of obstacles, properly leveled, and has adequate drainage.

These preparatory services are vital for a successful construction project, ensuring your new home is set on a solid, well-prepared base that will last for years to come. Engaging with professionals like Crossed Arrow Earthworks guarantees that these critical steps are executed with precision, aligning with building codes and ensuring a safe, enjoyable living space.

Choosing Crossed Arrow Earthworks for your land management needs in Middle Tennessee means selecting a partner who brings unparalleled dedication, expertise, and value to your project. Here are key reasons why Crossed Arrow stands out from other land management companies:

Veteran-Owned and Operated: Our foundation is built on the values of service, integrity, and precision. As a service-disabled veteran-owned business, we apply the discipline and commitment learned in service to every project we undertake.

Local Knowledge and Expertise: Being locally owned and operated, we have in-depth knowledge of Middle Tennessee’s terrain, climate, and regulations. This regional expertise ensures that your project is handled with awareness and respect for local environmental and building standards.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing: Our commitment to maintaining low overhead costs allows us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We believe in transparent, upfront communication about costs, striving to deliver exceptional work within your budget.

Comprehensive Services: From clearing and grading to contouring and gravel work, we offer a full range of land management services. This means you can rely on a single provider for all your site preparation needs, simplifying project management and ensuring consistency across the board.

Personalized Approach: We understand that each project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and goals. Our team works closely with you to ensure your vision is realized, providing personalized advice and solutions every step of the way.

Quality and Precision: We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, employing meticulous attention to detail and using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision in every task we undertake.

By choosing Crossed Arrow Earthworks, you’re not just hiring a contractor; you’re partnering with a team that is as invested in the success of your project as you are. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, transforming your vision into reality with the expertise and dedication your project deserves.

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